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Dr. Craig Woodson, Owner
A World Music Education Consultant
Connecting people with music and instruments


Ethnomusic, Inc. provides the following services:
Teacher Workshops in 2015

Summer Workshops:

  1. Drum Set/Drum Circles: July 25 & August 29
  2. WIM-1 August 10-14
  3. RoR-1 August 17-21

Student Programs - Year Around

  1. Ohio & Around US
  2. Columbus, Ohio
  3. Los Angeles, CA
  4. Orange County, CA

Dr. Woodson Assembly and Workshop
with UCLA’s Design for Sharing

Dr. Craig Woodson at UCLA

Watch Dr. Woodson in a YouTube Video on
his 2008 peace-building work in Iraq!

2015 Student Programs
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Drum Set Techniques for Use in Drum Circles- July 25 and August 29, 2015
Two 4-Hour Teacher Workshops for Educators and Others

World Instrument Making- August 10-14, 2015
A weeklong workshop, 2 graduate credits available

Roots of Rhythm Level 1- August 17-21, 2015
A weeklong workshop, 2 graduate credits available

Also watch for upcoming Roots of Rhythm workshops at


Drums of Humanity a 501(c)(3)
Dr. Woodson's new non-profit is now available at and on Facebook

Arts For All, Professional Development in Los Angeles, CA Dr. Woodson is now listed in the Arts for All online catalog to present teacher workshops; go to

United Nations Compendium - March 2012
Dr. Woodson's new UN listing in 'Music as a Global Resource' is at

See Dr. Woodson lead ROR bongo drumming
at ROR Teacher Workshop in
House of Blues, Dallas, Texas 2010.

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