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drumming - drum lessons

Dr. Woodson invites students of all ages from beginners to professional to take drum lessons on a variety of percussion instruments.

  • Drum set: teaching on 2 drum sets
  • Hand and stick drums: congas, bongos, djembe, doumbeck, timbales
  • Marimba
  • Timpani technique
  • Use extensive library, recordings, and video for instruction

With over 40 years as a professional percussionist, his primary instrument is the drum set or kit. However, he is also a teacher of Latin, African, and Middle Eastern drums, with considerable experience on mallet and other orchestral percussion.

On the drum set, students gain a broad range of skills from learning the basics of jazz, Latin, and rock to reading charts and playing with recordings.

If hand drums are the goal, Dr. Woodson uses some of his international collection of world percussion to teach techniques from beginning to advanced levels.

Beginning marimba lessons are also available.

Dr. Woodson has performed as a drum set player in movies, studio work, on TV, and recorded many albums from rock to folk music. He played drums with Elvis in movies and recorded on Columbia with the legendary electronic rock band The United States of America, having designed his own electric drums for the group.

Lessons at his studio in Chagrin Falls, Ohio are:

$25.00 for a half hour
$35.00 for forty-five minutes
$45.00 for sixty minutes

The cost of in-home lessons depends on the location.

For information contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767

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