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assemblies, workshops, residencies, special events, AND aFTERCARE

Download a flyer on Assemblies and Workshops, on the Music Center: Performing Arts Center of LA and the Segerstrom Center for the Arts.


Dr. Craig Woodson presents five assemblies for Pre-K to 8th grade audiences as follows:

  • A World Orchestra You Can Build - On making and playing 12 simple instruments from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas

  • Drum Lessons from Around the World - On his free, online world drumming curriculum at

  • To Mars with Music in 2030 - On how we will take music on a future mission to the Red Planet, based on his NASA video.

  • Adowa - African Drumming and Dance from Ghana - On this important type of drumming and dancing of the Asante nation.

  • Build Your Own Symphony Orchestra - On sections of an orchestra, discovering ways of making homemade instruments.

Learn more about the Student Assemblies.


In Dr. Woodson's entertaining hands-on workshops, each student:

  • Makes a grade-appropriate instrument, including composites like the 5-in-1 'Drumpet'

  • Decorates his or her instrument(s)

  • Composes, performs and improvises music

  • Learns how to conduct fellow students as a orchestra

  • Connects music to science, math, history, art

  • Is provided with all materials and tools

  • Connects to core academic content including science, math, history, world cultures, and art

Learn more about the Student Workshops.


Dr. Woodson's extended programs for the whole school or selected grades bring the following:

  • Opening assembly - based on the needs of the school

  • Instrument-making workshops - for each grade or select grades

  • Culmination assembly - where all students play their instruments

  • Options from 1 to 5 days or more

  • Teacher in-service

  • Potential discounts for larger residencies

Learn more about the Residencies.


Dr. Woodson presents instrument making for special events including:

  • Museum, hospital and park venues

  • Youth programs, for example, Girl and Boy Scouts

  • Home Schooled students

  • Birthdays and other parties

  • Children with Special Needs

  • Senior programs

Learn more about the Special Events.


Dr. Woodson's programs are available as an Aftercare activity in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, and can include:

  • Hands-on instrument making

  • Drum circle activities

  • Engaging activities for up to 60 K-6 students at a time

Learn more about the Aftercare.

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