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african drumming

African Drumming and Drum Making (ADM)

  • Make and play simple instruments based on designs from Ghana and Guinea
  • Use authentic drumming from Ghana and Guinea, West Africa
  • Teach music, science, history, cultural awareness, art and language arts with this curriculum
  • Workshop types: Introduction (ADMI) and Level I (ADM-1) plus two graduate credits are available for Level I

All music and non-music teachers will enjoy this 8-hour introduction to West African drumming. Attendees will play on traditional drums that Dr. Woodson brought from his 3 years' work in Kumasi, Ghana. He has studied West African drumming for over 30 years including 2 years with Robert Ayitee and over 10 years with Kwasi Badu both from Ghana.

Dr. Woodson will introduce both stick and hand drumming techniques along with some basic dance motions from each country.

Content includes areas outside of music like the scientific Venturi Effect and historic connections to instrument design. Attendees will learn how to make simple African drums for use with students and adults, all tools and materials are provided. No prior drumming or technical experience is necessary.

For more more information contact Dr. Craig Woodson, at 440-725-8767

Workshops times vary, check homepage for current offerings or contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767.

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