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Drum Circle Facilitation (DCF)

  • Use basic facilitation techniques and activities, especially for use in the K-8 classroom
  • Teach drum circles to improve skills in K-8 classroom management
  • Make and play the 5 standard percussion instruments used in drum circles
  • Workshop types: Introduction (DCFI) and Level I (DCF-1), latter has 2 graduate credits available

Participants will learn the basics of drumming and drum circle facilitation for use in the K-8 classroom as well as techniques useful for classroom management, leadership training and team building. In this workshop, classroom teachers will also make 5-15 simple versions of percussion instruments used in drum circles: a hand drum like the djembe and conga, the bass drum, shakers, wood sounds and bells.

No prior drumming or music experience is necessary.

Based in part on Arthur Hull's and Christine Stevens' training, Dr. Woodson's techniques will show participants how to express their own feelings through rhythms in relation to and as a part of a group. He will demonstrate his personal approach to drum circles called 'Ethnomusic Therapy' that takes into account one's cultural heritage as a part of the communication process. He will also make use of his experiences during drum circle work with adults and young people in the Middle East and Indonesia. In the end participants will be able to begin leading drum circles that can assist in a wide variety of K-8 environments.

The hands-on instrument making becomes a metaphor for each participant's work on self-expression and the group's empowerment. No special technical skills are necessary and all tools and materials are provided.

For information contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767.

Workshops times vary, check homepage for current offerings or contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767.

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