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Sound shapes for Classrooms

Sound Shapes for Classroom (SSC)

  • Make simple sets of Sound Shapes instruments with Dr. Woodson's invention, Handle-Leg Connectors
  • Use Sound Shape drums to create ways of making strings, winds, and idiophones
  • Teach polyrhythms, graphic composition, and scientific principles with Sound Shapes
  • Workshop type: Introduction (SSCI)

This 4 to 6 -hour workshop will introduce music and non-music teachers to creative ways of using Remo Sound Shapes (flat pre-tuned drums) in K-8 classrooms. It includes ways of building sets of drums with Dr. Woodson's connector system for Sound Shapes called Handle-Leg Connectors.

Teachers will practice engaging activities that include simple polyrhythms like 2 against 3; composing with a simple box notation system; and scientific principles like the Doppler Effect. Used as resonators, these flat drums will also be converted into other instruments like a violin, guitar, a horn, and xylophone, all valuable ideas for K-8 instruction.

For information about Dr. Woodson's invention for Remo, Inc. Handle-Leg Connectors with Sound Shapes.

For information contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767.

Workshops times vary, check homepage for current offerings or contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767.

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