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World Drumming Techniques (WDT)

  • Learn how to play basic hand and stick drums
  • Play on authentic drums from varied world cultures
  • Make simple percussion instruments to help in teaching K-12 drumming
  • Workshop types: Introduction (WDTI) and graduate weeklong course Level I (WDT-1)

In this introduction workshop, classroom teachers will learn how to play bass, tone and slap on hand drums and how to use mallets and beaded sticks to produce the best tone. Hand drums might include the djembe, conga, and bongos. Stick drums might include the djun-djun, timbales, and snare drum. Other percussion techniques might include how to play maracas wood sounds like the claves, and metal sounds like the cowbell and small cymbals. Participants will learn the basics of group interactive drumming and drum circle facilitation for use in the K-8 classroom.


No prior drumming or music experience is necessary.

The workshop makes use of Dr. Woodson's life-long study of world drumming including travel to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Indonesia.

The hands-on instrument making portion supports his creative approach by providing simple alternatives to traditional percussion instruments. No special technical skills are necessary and all tools and materials are provided.

For information contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767.

Workshops times vary, check homepage for current offerings or contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767.

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